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Outsourcing Transcription Services Effective Tool to Combat Urgent Transcribing Needs

What is Considered as an Outsourcing Transcription Services Today?

Outsourcing transcription services is a peripheral service that allows a worker to dictate case notes using a mobile phone, digital recording device, computer or a telephone to send them to a transcription provider to be typed. A human typist transcribes the notes while heeding to the dictation.

The provider then transports the final, typed document back to the worker through an email. This saves lot of time for the worker to type the documentation. The worker then edits the notes desired and then copy - pastes them into the agency’s case management system thereby sending them to the supervisor. It should be understood correctly that transcription services are not voice recognition software which uses computer software to transform a worker’s speech into typed text.

Effective Transcription Tool to Combat Urgent Transcribing Needs

With the advancement in mobile technologies; mobile devices like laptops, slates, tablets, smartphones and handheld PDA’s allow workers to recover and input case information in ways that have never been thought before. Both transcription and mobile case work technologies can be utilized as separate initiatives. But agencies are finding the combination of data transcription services with mobile solutions as a practical option that provides supplementary strength to case workers. 

Let us now look at the transcription tools that are being used to combat urgent transcribing needs:

Funding Voice Transcription

This novice tool has been successful in utilizing lapsing dollars to cover transcription costs. It is also important to note that transcription is an allowable administrative cost eligible for Federal Financial Participation (FFP). In funding voice transcription turnaround times vary amongst voice transcription providers - from under three hours to 24 hours and longer.  One  may use  following tips to combat urgent transcribing needs:

  • Make sure you can contractually oblige your provider to a specific average monthly turnaround time so that you are assured that they will unswervingly comply with your prerequisite turnaround time. 
  • Always ask whether there are supplementary charges for speedier turnaround times. For example; a provider may state that they deliver same day turnaround, but their standard rate may be based on 24 hour turnaround. You may be charged supplementary fees for swifter turnaround time.
  • Verify whether the provider will be able to process your transcription job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that you do not worry about extensive delays during off hours.
  • Check provider references to make sure that they have delivered the required turnaround times for other protective service agencies. are a one-stop service provider for secure, reliable and accurate transcription services. Their  experienced, skilled and dedicated transcribers from India focus to deliver projects, precisely and quickly with extreme professionalism. The company caters into all kind of transcription needs for clients located across the globe.

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Interview Transcription India, Outsource Interview Transcription Services All Audio Formats at Low Cost

Guaranteed accurate & on time interview transcription services in India for all format audio formats at lowest transcription rates. If you are individual or business, or agency or own a multinational company across USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, Melbourne, UAE, Singapore, Canada etc and willing to outsource interview transcription jobs than its best time to avail the infinite benefits provided at Hi-Tech Transcription Services.

Getting start is extremely easy as it does not cost any initial payments. Ask for a free trail on sample interview transcribing needs by expert audio transcribers at Hi-Tech.

High quality, fast turnaround time and great accuracy throughout every outsourced project to Hi-Tech Transcription Services is the motto and feature as mentioned below helps to keep up the sprite.
  • Over 2 decade of transcription experience
  • Successfully completed more than 1000+ projects
  • Throughout accuracy of 98.99% on every project
  • Dedicated team of transcribers, editors, proofreaders on each project
  • Use of latest transcription software, tools, equipments
  • Very secure and well equipped transcription centers
  • HIPAA compliant transcripts delivered on preferred format
  • All audio format recordings, tapes, cassettes, CD, DVD etc transcript
  • Facility to upload, email and securely transfer transcribing needs
Get complete interview transcription services for university, focus group interview transcription, academic interview transcription, one to one interview transcript, multiple participant transcripts, and research interview; cheaper outsource interview transcripts at lowest interview transcription rate.

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Mp3 Voice Audios into Plain Text Transcription Services India, Australia

Outsource MP3 voice, audio to text transcription service to Hi-Tech Transcription Services India leading transcribing solution provider for Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and Italy at lowest mp3 voice, audio transcription services India rates.

Hi-Tech Transcription Services India provides high quality, confidential digital and analogue mp3 voice, audio transcribing to text for wide array of outsourced transcription requirements to India.

Voice to Text Transcription Services Offered:

  • Mp3 to text transcription
  • Digital, analog mp3 to plain text transcripts
  • Voice to text transcription service
  • Voice to text conversion
  • Transcribing voice-mail to text
  • Speech to text transcription
  • Audios to text transcription
  • Voice, audios dictation transcription
  • Recorded audio, voice transcription
  • Business meetings transcription
  • Interview recordings transcription
  • Conference call transcription

Low cost transcribing solutions for all outsourced mp3 to text, voice to text and audio to text is offered with quickest turnaround time and greatest accuracy. Well equipped transcribing centers with advance technologies, proven transcription process, and voice reorganizations software, tools and expert transcribers enable reliable and secure mp3 voice audios to plain transcribing solutions for Australia and other countries. are a one-stop service provider for secure, reliable and accurate transcription services. Their experienced, skilled and dedicated transcribers from India focus to deliver projects, precisely and quickly with extreme professionalism. The company caters into all kind of transcription needs for clients located across the globe.